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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Memories of making this Circle of Geese quilt block!

It's Thursday- in the social media
world, it's better known as TBT-
Throwback Thursday!

  I was greeted by Facebook this morning with this "quilter's eye candy" reminding me that I posted this picture exactly 5 years ago today! I had lots of fun making this block for Joyzelle, in an online swap, so I decided to give your eyes a treat today too, and re-share this block and a great tutorial for it also!

In this swap, there were 12 ladies, and each gal chose a block and fabrics to send to the other 11. We were to make the block and sent it back to her. When I got my packet, I was excited because I loved the colors and choice of fabrics, but I was literally scared to death about making the block!

I had machine pieced lots of blocks before, but never nothing like this! Paper piecing intrigued me, but I sure had doubts about enjoying it. Boy, was I surprised to find out that I actually enjoyed making the block, and the block turned out so cute, too!

When I shared this on my timeline this morning, a friend asked if I still had a pattern for it. I knew that I still had a paper copy, and I was pretty sure I had pinned a tutorial for making the block onto one of my pinterest boards. So off I went to Pinterest, only to find that the picture of the block came from a Flickr feed, without an actual good tutorial to go along with it.

Next, I done a quick Google search, and found this awesome tutorial! Perfect, to share with those that asked for some directions to make the block. Thanks so much Christina Lane, for the awesome tute!

I also added a new pin to my Sewing / Quilting Tips And Tutorials board on Pinterest, reminding me where to find the directions again if I decide in the future to make a few more of these blocks. I think several of these blocks would make a neat table runner as well.

Christina, also has a terrific blog with lots of neat articles, if you want to head over there and visit some time, she'd love for you stop by and say hi!

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