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Thursday, December 6, 2012

December News & Updates For Lincoln Quilts For Kids

December Workshop:
I thought I better post to remind everyone that our December workshop is coming
up fast, on the 15th! We'll be back at Havelock United Methodist Church at our
regular time.

I will bring chili, potato soup, and some desert, along with coffee and punch.
If anyone would like to bring something else, just let me know.

We will again have our $5.00 gift exchange, which is voluntary, if you bring a
gift, you'll receive a gift. Eveyone picked such great gifts last year!

I sure hope a lot of you can make it to the workshop, I miss you!

Just to let ya know, my back is doing better, not 100% yet, but lot's better!

Upcoming Event:
"Quilts On The Rail"
At our Nov. workshop, we were invited by the musuem staff to participate in
their quilts on the rail display, where quilts are displayed along the grand
staircase, for three weeks. If any of you would like to make an "extra" special
quilt for the display you are welcome to. Although, all of your quilts are
gorgeous, some might want to do a little bit more elaborate quilting or a
special pattern.
Our quilts will most likely be displayed during Febr. starting on the first
Friday of the month. The musuem also will hand out our brochures to museum
On the first Friday of each month, the musuem has free addmission so if you
wanted to bring any family or friends to see our display, you can all get in
free for the day.

Completed quilts
If anyone has any completed quilts, please send them in, or bring them to the
workshop, so I can include them in the last delivery of the year! Which will go
to Saint Francis in G.I.

We are SO CLOSE  to an UNBELIEVABLE number of quilts made and delivered to
hospitals by this chapter this year, that I would just love to be able to hit
that number or even go over it!

You ladies have all done such an incredible job this year making such gorgeous
quilts and LOTS of them, I just wanted to say I am so proud of all of you! And
am also so very thankful for ALL the extra "behind the scenes" help I have
received this year from such a great group of friends!

Received Quilts:
I have some pics to post of some adorable quilts received from Alex and Jan,
and today the mailman brought a big box with LOTS of Preemie quilts that have
been completed by the Pierce, NE. FCCLA chapter and other volunteers from
Pierce,NE. It will be fun to see how some of those kits everyone helped to cut,
have turned out, so be watching! I'll be trying to get pictures taken tomorrow,
and over the weekend.

Hope to see you at the workshop on the 15th.

If you are not a Lincoln Quilts For Kids chapter volunteer, and would like to help make a quilt for a child in a Nebraska hospital, please contact Ila at lincolnnequiltsforkids@gmail.com and we can send out a pre cut quilt kit for you to complete that has everything included to make a quilt, except the  1/8" low loft batting. Your completed quilt will be donated to a child that is in a Nebraska hospital. 

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