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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm seeing lots of GREEN today!

Today is the first Scrappy Saturday for the 2011 Rainbow Challenge using our GREEN scraps. I sorted out all my green scraps today, and found I had even more than I had thought I did.
I went through my larger pieces, and my ziploc bags of pre-cut strips, and still need to go through one more shelf of pieces larger than 6" wide, but under a half yard.
At this point, I have no idea what I am going to make yet, but, something will pop into my head soon, I hope!

I also spent most of the morning cutting fabric for 6 kits for QFK's quilts. And worked a little while on a "Cars" quilt top that I'm trying to get together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time sure does fly by fast these days. I've been busy, busy, although it seems like I havn't accomplished much.
Tuesday, I worked on some more of the borders for Febr.'s red project,
On Wednesday I cook lunch for our boys' hot lunch program at school and In the afternoon I worked on the QOV top, then in the evening is Bible Study.
Today helped a friend put together a crib quilt for her granddaughter for most of the day.
I need to sort out my green fabrics for March Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but, just havn't had a chance to yet.
My UFO to work on this month is #1. "My Consolation", which I still have lots of blocks to make for.
I chose to sit out this month's Happy Block swap, so I can get all my bulls eye blocks done for the swap, which is due March 15th. Lots of circles to cut yet for those!
Several weeks ago, I received a large shipment of donated fabrics for the Lincoln NE chapter of Quilts For Kids. So I've been trying to sort through those. Most of these fabrics are for making wheelchair bags and hospital bed saddlebags, and for making "bags of love" that are filled with needed essentials for children that are removed from their homes in emercency situations and are unable to take too many personal items with them.
Well I'm off to try to finish some laundry, which at my house is really one of those tasks that is never ending, and very rarely considered all done.