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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stashbuilders January Sewing Bee

My Yahoo group Stashbuilders started their January Sewing Bee this morning at 12:00 AM. All week quilters thrughout the world, will participate in the week long event! Everyone works on their own project, at their own pace, when they can. We posted goals that we want to complete during the week. The goals didn't have to be actual sewing, as long as they were sewing related. There are lots of prizes for participation also! I have already won one of those, for being the first poster on the board for the sewing bee! Now the anticipation starts as I wait for the mailman to bring me my surprise!!

Mine goals that I chose to work on were three of my UFO's "Green Bargello", "Scrappy Double Irish Chain", and "Purple Passion". To sort, cut, and put away, heaps of scraps that have accumulated in the 2 drawer stand under my cutting table, and go through my huge bag of batting trimmings, cut some down into usable pieces for little projects, etc.

This morning, I plan on working on the "Green Bargello". I have two panels of the top done, 1 set of 28 strips sewn together and cut into tubes for the third panel, and 28 strips to sew together for the fourth panel.

Because of the bitter cold, and lots and lots of snow we got last night, during a major winter storm, that was more like a blizzard, our Church services were canceled this morning, which means I can get more done today, than I thought! So, I'm off to sew!

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