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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brrr, It's cold!

With almost six inches of snow on the ground, and temps in the single digits, its definatly cold here!

When the snow started falling Sunday, it didn't seem to accumulate much. But, by yesterday (Mon) it was coming down thick. I sure didn't want the nine inches, called for in the forecast! I had plans to go see one of my favorite quilters Bonnie Hunter at our local quilt guild meeting! But, despite all the snow, some very brave quilters decided that the show must go on!
Her lecture on leaders and enders was awesome, and her quilts in her trunk show incredibly beautiful! I was able to chat with her for a few minutes before the meeting, while she signed my book Adventures of leaders and Enders! About a year and a half ago, I started a scrappy irish chain quilt, using her leader and ender system. I seriously need to get that back out of hiding, and get busy getting it finished.

I now have two (top and bottom) dog tooth borders sewn onto Purple Passion. And will work some more on the third ones later today.

This morning I got all my Happy centers cut, and mailed to those participating this month in the Happy Block swap in the group StashBuilders And, now I need to get busy on getting some string blocks sewn!

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