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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mail Call

On Wednesday, Lincoln Quilts For Kids received lots of "pretty mail"!

First the mailman brought a package from Susan, containing a finished kit quilt! A very cute Scrappy 4 patch, that was made from some of the I spy and Alphabet charms that I had swapped awhile back in Stashbuilders Yahoo Group,  Thanks Susan,  it turned out really cute, and your quilting is beautiful too!

Then not too long afterwards, the UPS man showed up with a large box of quilts from Kathy K. that she pieced from her own stash, and then had Kristen, another one of our volunteers, quilt them. There were six child sized quilts, most with animals as the focus fabric, which are all really cute prints! One, a panel, is just darling! And the two little NICU quilts and preemie quilts, Kathy quilted herself! Thanks Kathy for sewing all those quilts with such love adorable fabrics! Thank you Kristen for doing such an awesome job of quilting, and also for donating your time and  talent to help bring so many smiles to those who sometimes don't have anything to smile about.

"Kitty and me, invite you to tea"
Although all are absolutely cute, I will have to say this one is my favorite! Those baby farm animals are so adorable, and this just makes me smile, and think of sipping on a big cold glass of chocolate milk, mmm, yum!!

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