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Friday, September 9, 2011

Quilt Delivery

On Sept 6th. Lincoln Quilts For Kids delivered quilts to Children's Hospital in Omaha! Sari and I were thankful that the weather cooperated and there was no detours! I snapped a pic of Sari while we were waiting for Donna to meet with us, but then forgot to hand her the camera to get a picture of me!
Although, we were unable to donate as many quilts as last time, each and every quilt was greatly needed and truly appreciated . I had already promised most of the quilts we had on hand to St. Elizabeth Hospital here in Lincoln, when I called Donna to see how they were doing with quilts. She informed me that they were out, and would love to receive some if it was possible.   So, I offered to bring her 8 girl quilts and 8 boy quilts now, and would have more  yet this month. Thanks so much to all our volunteers for making this delivery possible!

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