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Monday, September 12, 2011

From an ugly duckling to a cute swan - Cuddle Quilt Top

This is another of my Summer Sewing Projects for the Lincoln Quilters Guild. This was a kit that I picked up from guild to piece over the summer months. It was a scrappy one, so I thought I'd really enjoy it, and was anxious to piece it. Then, when I went to work on it, I quickly lost interest. I really had a hard time arranging the "quite ugly" little squares into blocks. Now, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in my eyes, that's what they were. I kept thinking, how is this ever going to turn out cute enough for a little girl. I found my self constantly setting it aside and doing something else more enjoyable. Then, as the days sped by, I soon realized I needed to get this kit finished, regardless of how it looked. I plunged in, and quickly arranged the squares into pairs for chain piecing. Without really worrying about how bad they looked. Pairs turned into rows, rows turned into blocks. Soon it was time for the sashing, and then voila! A finished top! Well, without a doubt, those little squares, by some, can still be considered "quite ugly", but, with the cute sashing strips and cornerstone blocks they really look different! It's amazing how a bunch of little ugly ducklings can turn into such a cute swan! Since I procrastinated so long, this will be turned in only as a top.

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