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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Once again, the whole month has flown right by, and although I did try to keep up with some blog reading, I sure didn't get any posting done here.
Jacob had summer school for most of the month. Which required time to get him up, dressed, and on the bus. Then, a couple hours later, he was back home. But, needed lunch, Mom time, and a nap! Now, he has a break for two and a half weeks, until regular school starts. He'll be in first grade this year, and we are hoping he will be able to stay all day, every day, instead of just on Friday's. But, we'll have to see if he has the stamina to make it through all day or not.
My oldest son, has been detassiling this month, hard work for him, especially in the triple digit heat we have been having. But, also made some extra work for me. Mud, mud, everywhere!
Unfortunately, we have only window air units in our home, and one of our biggest units that keep the main floor cool, went out this last month. So during the days that were triple digits, I couldn't stand to even be in my sewing room / office, without sweating! Because, the other unit could only keep some of the rooms cool. Thank goodness, we were able to get it replaced, so now its lots cooler, and I can get something done without dying of heat stroke!
The last online sewing bee group I was in, ended in July, so now that I have no more monthly blocks due, I will be trying to fill those time slots with other projects that need done. Here's the June block I did for the group.

I participated in a community project with my local QG last Saturday, which was held at the quilt museum, to make wall-hangings to be sent to Japan for victims recovering from the tsunami. We were able to get lots done in only about four hours. Several of us, took some kits home to work on, and as of last week between all of us, we had over 45 to send! These are only some of them!

Some really cute quilts came in to Quilts For Kids this last month! And, I have been sewing "preemie pads" to try to get more completed to be able to take a delivery of quilts to the NICU at one of our local hospitals the first part of Aug. Here's some of the "preemie pads" I have sewn in the last several days, three of them, are only tops, and the other three are completely done. I'll try to post some pics of the bigger quilts today or tomorrow.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help the Lincoln, NE chapter out to make quilts, wheelchair bags, preemie quilts, etc., and if someone has any children's prints fabrics or children's prints scraps that might be just taking up space for you, we would be willing to pay postage for you to send them to us, its greatly appreciated!