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Monday, January 31, 2011

A good day to quilt!

Today is a good day to hunker down in my sewing room and work on some projects! It is sleeting, and the ice is collecting on everything! We are in for lots of snow also, so going out unless absolutely neccasary is not an option.

I did some work on updating my blog this weekend, and giving it a new facelift, hope everyone enjoys the new layout!

Yesterday, I joined a scrap challenge so will be working on a monthly project along with others using a specific color of scraps.

Also will be participating in Design Wall Mondays. So every Monday I'll be posting about what is on my design wall and what I'm working on.

Tentavily I will also be joining the 2011 UFO Challenge and working towards getting all my UFO's done in 2011, so be watching for my progress reports!


Chris said...

Any day is a good day to hunker down :)

Recovering Perfectionist said...

I was going to say, is there such a thing as a bad day to quilt? Reminds me of that bumper sticker: "A bad day fishing is better than the best day working."

(Although I don't really get the appeal of fishing, myself, but I know people who love it.)

Scrap - Happy Quilter ( Ila Geving ) said...

Lol, around my house, there is actually better days to quilt than others, but, if I can get away with it, I try not to skip my "colorful therapy session" too often!

Gari said...

Today is going to be a sewing day for me, also, but for me it is because it is cool and rainy. We had two days last week that were sunny and in the 70s: I couldn't get off the deck where I could sit in the sun and read.