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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Apologies Linda

In my last post about the wonderful Hot Air Balloon, and two other quilts our chapter for Quilts For Kids received, I accidently put the wrong name of the volunteer that made these beautiful quilts. Instead of Susan L. it should have been Linda S. I'm so sorry Linda, Ila.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mail Call 8/30/2011 Up, Up, and Away, In a Hot Air Balloon!

Today the Lincoln Chapter of Quilts For Kids received this beautiful Hot Air Balloon quilt in the mail, along with two kit quilts "Full Steam Ahead" and "Bright Butterflies" that were all made by Linda S.! As soon as I unpacked it from the box, I instantly wandered, just how many sweet dreams this awesome quilt could inspire in a young child! Did you ever dream as a child sailing across the sky in one of these? I know I sure did. Thanks so much Linda, they are all three darling and will surely put a smile on some child's face.

I just wanted to say Thanks to Bob U. and Nancy Zieman and her episode of Sewing With Nancy where she interviewed one of the Chapter Leaders Bob Urquhart of Quilts For Kids. I have had a terrific response in the last several days from people who were watching the show, and have contacted me to find out how thy could help our chapter make quilts for children here in NE. If anyone else would like more info, just contact me at: Lincolnnequiltsforkids@gmail.com

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a finish!

I finished the binding on the "Follow My Lead" column quilt today! I think it turned out pretty good, considering it started out to be only a test, to see if I thought it would be an easy fun quilt. I have to say, it passed! You can peek at what the back looks like here.

Well its late, still got a few things to get done before turning in, nite.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The third column is done!

The third column on the Appliqued Panel Quilt is now done! Just one more panel to go!

I, also finished 1/2 the binding on the "Follow My Lead" column quilt. Hope to get some more done tomorrow, while Jacob is in school.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday

Although my plans for getting the binding on the " Follow My Lead" quilt last night, went out the window, I did get some sewn on today. Then I realized that I never shared a picture of it after being quilted. So here it is!

Today's mail for Lincoln Quilts For Kids chapter brought this really cute quilt. So bright and cheery, and I love Susan's choice of using some of the trimmings from the quilt kit, for the binding! The orange comes from the backing fabric, and matches the little orange stars on the front perfectly!

I added a few more pieces to the third panel in the Appliqued Panel quilt
and if I'm lucky will have both the third and fourth panels done soon.

And, my son Jacob, has made it through one whole week of going to school all day! Yes, he has been very exhausted when arriving home, and usually crashing for a nap shortly afterwards. He really enjoys it, especially getting to go to specials like music, library, and computer! Last year he wasn't able to go all day. Because of his disabilities his endurance and muscle strength are very low, so its hard for him to be active for long periods of time. But he is sure being a great trooper so far this year!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing with scraps

I've been having fun today, playing with my scraps! I wanted to make another column quilt, but, I wanted to also use up some of my scraps at the same time. I have the first half of the quilt, or two columns done, am almost done with the third, and then only have one more column to go.

This is coming together quite quickly. What do you think, is it a keeper? Or should I go back and play some more?

While I was going through my scrap bins today, I did come across a lot of black and white. I am thinking, how about one in black, white, and red!

I am putting the binding on the "Follow My Lead" quilt tonight, hoping to have it done very soon.

Well better get busy on the binding!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Quilt Came Today

This Quilts For Kids donation quilt came in the mail today! It was sewn and quilted by our volunteer Kristen. Cute and scrappy, right up my alley! She named it Spots and Lollipops. The pattern for this is called 2-1/2 X 4-1/2. A great quilt to use up some fat quarters or scraps.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a good day!

Today was a great day!
In the mail today came these two adorable quilts from Jeanne! Thanks so much Jeanne, they will surely bring a smile to some child's face! So bright and cheery, you can't help but smile when you see them.
This one is named Pretty Pebbles!

This one is Spinning Wheels!

Also today, was able to meet Susan, whom is in charge of the NICU and Peds unit at one of our local hospitals. We will be taking a delivery of children's quilts and preemie pads / quilts there in a couple weeks. The hospital is one of the largest NICU units in the state.

Our chapter's Yahoo group is also growing, with more members joining yesterday and today! I've been busy uploading files, pictures, etc. for the last several days. Anyone that would like to become part of our chapter for Quilts For Kids here in Lincoln is welcome to join the Yahoo group. Members of the chapter, can donate a quilt just once, or as many times as you'd like. Kits to sew up are available upon request, that contain everything needed to make a quilt, except the 1/8" low loft batting. If you'd like to help out, but don't have the time to make and donate a quilt, there are other ways to help as well. We always can use child friendly 100% cotton fabric, flannel to make preemie pads with, sewing accessories, or even monetary donations would be greatly appreciated. Any items donated to our Lincoln chapter go to children in NE.

I did manage today to get a little sewing in too!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow, where did the weekend go?

It seems as though I havn't sat down much these past several days. Been on the go since Friday.

Friday I volunteered to "whiteglove"  the quilt exhibit at our county fair. Lots of gorgeous quilts! I took some pics of some of them, but, silly me forgot to take pics of the "Best of Show"  Which was a wall hanging, that was made from dried gourds and beads. The gourds were painted, then holes drilled in them, so they could be laced  together with sinew. Although, it was stunning,  I was sort of disappointed that some of the larger bed quilts, that had lots more detail and quilting on them, didn't fare as well as the wall hanging when it come to ribbons.

The first pic is of a memorial quilt, then a favorite pattern that I've always wanted to make. I thought Olivia was soo cute! And I thought the house quilt was awesome! 

Saturday, our church held our monthly service at one of the local  nursing homes. So that took up most of the morning. Then back home again,  I had a nice pile of laundry and some housecleaning to do. Along with cutting several kits for QFK that needed to be mailed on Monday.

Sunday, was regular church services, lunch, some more kit cutting, and some sewing on a QOV quilt that needs to be done for our upcoming guild meeting.

Today, I needed to get the last minute shopping done for Jacob's first day back to school, along with figuring out his lunches and getting all of the first day of school things ready.
Also got requests for 6 more kits, which means back to the cutting table!

Well I need to go, need to be up early. We have to be ready fairly early the first several days, until the bus figures out the routes.
I know that tomorrow is going to feel strange, its the first day my "baby" will be gone all day to school! I have high hopes of getting lots of projects done during school hours, since it will be different for me, not having him home. He did go to kindergarten last year, but, only in the mornings, so wasn't able to get much done after the usual morning house cleaning, before he was back home again.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thanks Terri!

Last week while chatting with my wonderful QWl Yahoo Group friends, I had mentioned that I was making preemie pads for a delivery we are making to our local hospital that has a large NICU. Some of those very special gals offered to help make some for us! The first package, arrived today!
Thanks so much Terri! They are really cute! All four will be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Follow My Lead Column Quilt and more

Me bad, I know I said I would post pics from Monday's post, yesterday. Sorry, it just didn't happen.
This is the pic of the front of the quilt, Follow My Lead, a column quilt designed by Nancy Zeman. Now just need to quilt and bind it!

This next pic, shows how the back of the quilt, follows the same design as the front, just opposite.

Then we have the QOV pillow case I told you about.

And while I was taking pics, here's another donation quilt that came in. "Picture Frame" is from a Lincoln QFK kit sewn and beautifully quilted by Susan!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun quilts, and another project done!

First off, there won't be pics tonight, to go along with the post, so sorry! My phone takes lousy pictures, and my camera works, but, unfortunately the USB cable that goes to the computer stopped working! And, I wasn't able to get another one today. So tomorrow, I'll post the pics!

Several days ago, a friend and I were fabric shopping, and ran into another friend. She, was also shopping for material to make her first quilt. We chatted, pulled bolts of fabric from the shelves, helping her to pick the six colors she would need for her quilt. She was making a Column Quilt, and as she was describing how it all went together, I liked what I was hearing, but, had never heard of the technique before!

After I got home, I checked the link she gave me, and before I knew it, I was going through my stash, figuring out colors I could use for a test quilt!

I loved the concept, but, I didn't want a quilt as long as the one Nancy made, so, I had to do some calculations to bring it down to a size that would work great for a Quilts For Kids's quilt, about 38" X 45". It didn't take too long, and I had come up with the dimensions I needed to get started. I had originally planned to do two columns as a test, to see if it was as easy as it seemed. Sure enough, I had those two whipped out in no time, and went ahead and made the three more, that I would need to make the top.
And when I went to view Column Quilts 2, I even got more excited over the quilt featured in this video! Wow, you know me and scrap quilts, I'll definitely be making one like this!!

Today I also got one of the pillowcases sewed up from a kit that I brought home from our last guild meeting, which eventually will hold a QOV quilt when it is presented to a recipient. I still have two more to sew, before our next guild meeting.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well, its at least officially a Top now!

Back in April, it was my month to send fabrics to everyone in our online bee group Bee Pieceful. I thought these blocks and fabrics, would make a great teen size charity quilt! The blocks are a variation of the "10 Minute Block" from Susan at Design Originals The variation I used, is about 3/4 of the way through the video. I've made several of her blocks, they are fun!
I also have 6 other blocks made with a teal fabric, instead of the pink, to make into a boys quilt! Lol, just not sure when that is exactly going to happen.

Monday, August 1, 2011

QFK-Donation Quilts Received

The Lincoln Chapter of QFK received these awesome quilts from Eileen in July! Thanks Eileen, they are sure appreciated, and will surely bring a smile to the children whom receive them!