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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun quilts, and another project done!

First off, there won't be pics tonight, to go along with the post, so sorry! My phone takes lousy pictures, and my camera works, but, unfortunately the USB cable that goes to the computer stopped working! And, I wasn't able to get another one today. So tomorrow, I'll post the pics!

Several days ago, a friend and I were fabric shopping, and ran into another friend. She, was also shopping for material to make her first quilt. We chatted, pulled bolts of fabric from the shelves, helping her to pick the six colors she would need for her quilt. She was making a Column Quilt, and as she was describing how it all went together, I liked what I was hearing, but, had never heard of the technique before!

After I got home, I checked the link she gave me, and before I knew it, I was going through my stash, figuring out colors I could use for a test quilt!

I loved the concept, but, I didn't want a quilt as long as the one Nancy made, so, I had to do some calculations to bring it down to a size that would work great for a Quilts For Kids's quilt, about 38" X 45". It didn't take too long, and I had come up with the dimensions I needed to get started. I had originally planned to do two columns as a test, to see if it was as easy as it seemed. Sure enough, I had those two whipped out in no time, and went ahead and made the three more, that I would need to make the top.
And when I went to view Column Quilts 2, I even got more excited over the quilt featured in this video! Wow, you know me and scrap quilts, I'll definitely be making one like this!!

Today I also got one of the pillowcases sewed up from a kit that I brought home from our last guild meeting, which eventually will hold a QOV quilt when it is presented to a recipient. I still have two more to sew, before our next guild meeting.

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