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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow, where did the weekend go?

It seems as though I havn't sat down much these past several days. Been on the go since Friday.

Friday I volunteered to "whiteglove"  the quilt exhibit at our county fair. Lots of gorgeous quilts! I took some pics of some of them, but, silly me forgot to take pics of the "Best of Show"  Which was a wall hanging, that was made from dried gourds and beads. The gourds were painted, then holes drilled in them, so they could be laced  together with sinew. Although, it was stunning,  I was sort of disappointed that some of the larger bed quilts, that had lots more detail and quilting on them, didn't fare as well as the wall hanging when it come to ribbons.

The first pic is of a memorial quilt, then a favorite pattern that I've always wanted to make. I thought Olivia was soo cute! And I thought the house quilt was awesome! 

Saturday, our church held our monthly service at one of the local  nursing homes. So that took up most of the morning. Then back home again,  I had a nice pile of laundry and some housecleaning to do. Along with cutting several kits for QFK that needed to be mailed on Monday.

Sunday, was regular church services, lunch, some more kit cutting, and some sewing on a QOV quilt that needs to be done for our upcoming guild meeting.

Today, I needed to get the last minute shopping done for Jacob's first day back to school, along with figuring out his lunches and getting all of the first day of school things ready.
Also got requests for 6 more kits, which means back to the cutting table!

Well I need to go, need to be up early. We have to be ready fairly early the first several days, until the bus figures out the routes.
I know that tomorrow is going to feel strange, its the first day my "baby" will be gone all day to school! I have high hopes of getting lots of projects done during school hours, since it will be different for me, not having him home. He did go to kindergarten last year, but, only in the mornings, so wasn't able to get much done after the usual morning house cleaning, before he was back home again.

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