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Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say hi. I've been away from my page forever, and really miss it. Hope to be posting on a regular basis again soon :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Memories of making this Circle of Geese quilt block!

It's Thursday- in the social media
world, it's better known as TBT-
Throwback Thursday!

  I was greeted by Facebook this morning with this "quilter's eye candy" reminding me that I posted this picture exactly 5 years ago today! I had lots of fun making this block for Joyzelle, in an online swap, so I decided to give your eyes a treat today too, and re-share this block and a great tutorial for it also!

In this swap, there were 12 ladies, and each gal chose a block and fabrics to send to the other 11. We were to make the block and sent it back to her. When I got my packet, I was excited because I loved the colors and choice of fabrics, but I was literally scared to death about making the block!

I had machine pieced lots of blocks before, but never nothing like this! Paper piecing intrigued me, but I sure had doubts about enjoying it. Boy, was I surprised to find out that I actually enjoyed making the block, and the block turned out so cute, too!

When I shared this on my timeline this morning, a friend asked if I still had a pattern for it. I knew that I still had a paper copy, and I was pretty sure I had pinned a tutorial for making the block onto one of my pinterest boards. So off I went to Pinterest, only to find that the picture of the block came from a Flickr feed, without an actual good tutorial to go along with it.

Next, I done a quick Google search, and found this awesome tutorial! Perfect, to share with those that asked for some directions to make the block. Thanks so much Christina Lane, for the awesome tute!

I also added a new pin to my Sewing / Quilting Tips And Tutorials board on Pinterest, reminding me where to find the directions again if I decide in the future to make a few more of these blocks. I think several of these blocks would make a neat table runner as well.

Christina, also has a terrific blog with lots of neat articles, if you want to head over there and visit some time, she'd love for you stop by and say hi!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why your backing fabric may ripple when using fusible batting

After sandwiching your quilt with fusible batting, 
have you ever experienced rippling on the
backing fabric?

This article explains why it may have happened, 
and shows you how to prevent it in the future!

   Since I usually use a frame and a mid arm machine when quilting my quilts. I don't use the fusible batting on a regular basis. But, I do occasionally use basting spray, and only twice have used fusible batting.

   I must have had the luck of the draw when I used the fusible, for the first time. Mine did not ripple, and the process went smoothly. I'm really glad I was lucky that day, because I had no idea there was a right and a wrong side to fusible batting.

   There is in fact, a right side. And this article describes what scrim is, and how to tell the right side from the wrong side of fusible batting. You'll end up with no more ripples on your backing fabric, Which will also make sandwiching your quilt so much more enjoyable. Hopefully you'll find this article enjoyable and informative. Especially if you are new to using fusible batting, or have had a bad experience with it in the past.

  Hope you have a sew happy day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 2015 QFK Sew Day

   Please join Lincoln Quilts For Kids
   for our April 2015 QFK Sew Day!

   Everyone is welcome to attend!
   It's free, and we provide pre cut quilt kits for you to sew!
   Bring your machine, basic sewing supplies, and a lunch. 
   Cutting and ironing stations will be supplied.

Here's a chance to experience a fun filled day of sewing, and help out children in your community at the same time! If you can't attend this month, please feel free to come another time. We meet each month, on the third Saturday. Hope to see everyone there!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Exciting News

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you in on some more exciting news about the Lincoln chapter of Quilts For Kids community service project Quilts For Kids..by Kids!
  Awhile back we asked Jenny at MSQC to do a video tutorial for us to help teach young teens participating in the project how to sew our Preemie Quilts. Sometimes in large workshops, or classrooms where FCS teachers or 4-H leaders, present our project to lots of students, there isn't always enough instructors for a lot of one on one time with each student. We thought the video would be a great learning tool, that students would find  fun and helpful, to include in our presentations at workshops or in classrooms.
  Misourri Star Quilt Co. released the video on the 21st of December, what an awesome Christmas present for us! You can find the video here: Quilts For Kids - A Baby Quilt From The Heart and a fantastic blog post on the MSQC Cutting Table Blog, describes the project here:  Quilts For Kids..By Kids Community Service Project   and some wonderful pics of  kids hard at work making some quilts. Of course, when you get through reading our article, you can also check out the  Cutting Table Blog further to read other awesome articles as well We are so gracioussly thankful to Jenny and the whole MSQC staff for making this possible! Ila

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilts received from Susan M!

 Here are four cute quilts that Susan made from LQFK kits! Thanks Susan the kids will love them!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quilts Made by teen members of Battle Creek, NE. FCCLA

   We received 12 Preemie Quilts and a really nice note along with a group pic, from the Battle Creek, NE. FCCLA chapter! Some of these young ladies have never sewn before, but were enthusiatic to participate in our Quilts For Kids..by Kids community service project that we presented to nine schools at a FCCLA convention back in October of 2012. We are so proud of their accomplishments, and these little quilts will be donated to the tiniest of babies in Nebraska hospitals through the Lincoln, NE. chapter of Quilts For Kids.
  A Big Thank-You also goes out to Cheryl Timm, their leader.  Your awesome generosity in this fun adventure is also greatly appreciated!!


This Double Four Patch quilt was made by Emily

This four patch preemie quilt was made by Desse

This nine patch preemie was made by Angie

This one path preemie quilt was also made by Desse

This cute one was made by Paige and Amanda

This one was made by Erin

This nine patch one was made by Amanda

This One patch quilt was made by Morgan

This One Patch quilt was made by Hailey P.

This Nine Patch quilt was made by Mady

this Double Four Patch quilt was also made by Mady