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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making String Blocks

I love making these, and its sure a good way to use all those scraps. I've emptied part of my bag of strings out onto the table, and have gotten my center strings aligned diagonally onto my foundation fabric squares. I cut the the foundation pieces at 7" square, and then will later trim the finished string blocks to 6.5". I am going to be sewing a dozen of these tonight! I like to chain sew these, they go quite fast that way!


Scrappy quilter said...

These are one of my favorite quilts to make too. I love how you can use up so many scraps and the outcome of every string quilt is beautiful.

Scrap - Happy Quilter (Ila) said...

So true, and no matter what colors you put next to each other, the overall effect is still beautiful, you can also use some of those "uglies" we are afraid of using in other projects, and those will even blend in!

rockgranny said...

I love to make string quilts.Underneath my cuting table I have two big plastic bins in which I throw strings.Every now and than , usually once a month a sew them together and when I gather enough blocks I make a new quilt for charity.