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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO Challenge 2011

Each month during the challenge, we will work on one of our 12 chosen UFO's for that month. I am starting the first of February instead of January so I will be working on January's project a little bit each week, until completed. Quite a few, maybe even most of my UFO's, are larger quilt projects I started then for some reason or another didn't finish them. Some have lots of blocks made, some have only a couple blocks done. But, I'm hoping through this challenge that I can finish a lot of them! So here goes! If you click on the Title of each project, it will take you to the post and usually pictures of that particular quilt.

My 12 UFO's for the UFO Challenge 2011
1. My Consolation:

2. Orange Dreamisicle

3. Bill's Anniversary Quilt

4. Farm Friends

5. Garden Maze

6. Purple Passion

7. Black Butterflies

8. Alphabet Soup

9. Floral Hearts

10. Ken's Birthday Quit

11. Fuzzy Cats

12. Friendship

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