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Monday, February 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday (2/7/2011) Uhm Not!

I decided to let Jacob be the pic for today, although he definitely don't feel this chipper today, and its way too cold here for shorts! Unfortunately, there is nothing new today on the wall. Those same pink and brown blocks from last week are still there, and actually I have had no time to even play with them.

Today, Jacob ( my youngest son who's five) whom has had Hypotonia ( very low muscle tone,and very reduced muscle strength.) since birth has been sick today with a really yucky flu bug. He can only say a few words like mama and dada, because the hypotonia also involves his vocal cord muscles, and he usually uses sign language or a PECS book (a book that contains picture cards of objects he wants) for communication. But, sometimes its hard when there's no picture of what he wants in the book, or he uses one of his made up signs (which are quite a few) and we have to play the guessing game to find out what he really wants. But, there's no hope in him telling us he's about ready to get sick, its just too many word combination's for him to decipher. So anyway you can all about guess how my day has went!

I did try to get the backing sections cut and sewn to the Cuddle Quilt I am working on for our guild charity project. Several weeks ago, I went to a sit and sew and got the top done, and want to get it sandwiched and quilted before our meeting next monday.

And I really need to try to get some string blocks sewn for Stashbuilders group, but that will probably be tomorrow, if Jacob gets to go to school. He really loves riding the bus, and going up in the lift. He can walk some on his own, but, he does stumble quite a bit, and can only go a short distance before he gets too tired.

Well, that's it for now, hopefully tomorrow will be a much easier day!

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