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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bonnie Hunter's visit to Lincoln, was fantastic

Most of the day was very cold, it was snowing, and the roads were very ugly. And I was praying that our LQG meeting would not be canceled! Usually, I'm not quite this excited about going, but, tonight was special. Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.com was going to be there and give a lecture on Leaders and Enders. Plus, I had to see all those beautiful quilts she brought for her trunk show! And, because there were so many others that had waited forever for her to come to our neck of the woods, and was just as excited as I was, and would have done anything to get there, we still had it. She is such an inspiration to me. She loves scrap quilts probably more than I do, if that's possible! I was able to meet her personally and chatted briefly while she signed my copy of her book Leaders and Enders.

Earlier in the day, she had taught a class on her Scrappy Bargello, unfortunately the class filled fast, so I was out of luck getting in to that. I started one of her scrappy bargello quilts about two years ago, and lol, its still a UFO! I chose to make mine in greens, and have two panels done, and two more to go. I have since dug this out of the back of the closet, and am determined to finish it!

Her lecture was awesome, and her quilts, even more beautiful in real life, than what they look like in pictures. And I so need to get in the habit of using this system while I sew. I hate having to trim all those threads, and am constantly checking my clothes when I leave my sewing room, to make sure I don't have any clinging to me. I also would save so much on thread too! And yes, unfortunately my scrappy double Irish chains which I started as a leader ender project, is in fact, still a UFO! But, hopefully not for very much longer!

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