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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I did manage to accomplish some of my To Do list for Monday

1. Get several packets ready to mail out to DFS swap partners
    Mailed 4 packets today! To Patsy E. , Diana D.P. , Tracey I. , and  Cassey S.

2. Work on Quilt For Kids 
    Got the other 3 inner borders sewed on, and 3 of the outer border strips sewed 
    on. Will finish the last one before going to bed! Then, the top at least will be

3. Decide which UFO project I will work on for at least an hour. 
    Didn't get to this one. 

4. Spruce up my sewing area. It needs it! 

    Did get a few things done, (cutting table, ironing table, and swept floor! 

5. Try to start one of the four blocks I need to make for my QBE group on Flickr 

    Didn't get to this one.

6. Do several loads of laundry to reduce the never ending pile of laundry 

   that accumulates from a household  of 5
   Did manage to get a couple washed and dried, and put away!

Now, back to the machine to finish sewing that last border 
on the Quilt For Kids quilt!

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