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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wow, what a long week!

Sorry for being MIA, but at our house a viral bug hit us hard, and we were all very sick.
Unfortunately when Momma is sick too, the picture isn't too pretty. So, been behind on some things like housework, laundry, and of course quilting too.
I did manage to get a few blocks done for swaps, but not as many as should be done. Now, that I am feeling better, I got to get busy!

Yesterday, I was able to get out and get to my local quilt shop Cosmic Cow. I was on a quest to find "R" fabric for the "ABC" swap for StashBuilders. But, of course, had to browse for the common good of my quilting stash too! I did find a cute rick rack print that was also formed in a rainbow of seven bright colors! So will work great, "Rainbow" or "Rick Rack"! Found a couple really cute fabrics for next month's "Happy Block Swap" as well.
While I was there I left a flyer for the Kids For Quilts Chapter! Hoping to get some responses for volunteers or donations of fabric!

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