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Monday, June 13, 2011

Long time, no posts, so sorry!

Its been hectic around here lately. After devoting lots of time to get my computer up and running again, I got behind on lots of other things as well. Now, that summer is here, I find myself with even less time than before!

I feel really bad for skipping out on the Scrap Challenge, but, hopefully will be able to start participating again in July. I really missed visiting everyone's blogs, and seeing their awesome ideas, and projects!

The month of May was busy for the Lincoln chapter of Quilts For Kids also! We were able to take 62 quilts to the Omaha Children's Hospital, along with some wheelchair, walker bags, and hospital bed saddlebags as well!! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that made this possible! Here's a sampling of some of the quilts that were made by volunteers in the chapter.

And during the month of June, we are running a donation campaign Quarters For Quilts which has been going well, although this does requires lots of my time.

So, even though I might not post every day, I will certainly try to post at least weekly!! Thanks for hanging in there for me. Ila


blauraute said...

Wonderful quilts for kids. I love the bright colors.
Have a nice week

Scrap - Happy Quilter (Ila) said...

Thanks, we are blessed to have some very talented ladies in our chapter!

mainer said...

Isn't Quilts for Kids fun? We don't have a local chapter so I just do my own thing now. Congrats on all your success!